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Opportunities for Study and Scholarship flier in Hawaii !!

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2020-12-07 14:25:44

Opportunities for Study and Scholarship flier in Hawaii !!

The opportunity to win a scholarship and participate in the East-West Center's educational program in Hawaii has arrived! The Center offers a Master's and Doctoral Scholarship Program at the University of Hawaii that will help foster cultural, social and functional development in these courses of study. Students participating in the program of the Center will increase cultural exchange experience. The involvement of citizens in solving problems Education about regional issues and leadership. The program will develop the skills necessary to carry out activities in the 21st century and to build lasting relationships including networks that play an important role among those who are committed to making positive change.

More details at www.eastwestcenter.org

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Scholarship and study opportunities from the East-West Center in Hawaii! The Center offers scholarships for Master’s and PhD study at the University of Hawaii and these studies are enhanced by a unique program of cultural, social and professional development at the East-West Center. Through cultural exchange, civic engagement, education on regional issues, and leadership opportunities, the East-West Center experience helps students develop the skills needed for 21st century action and creates lasting relationships and an active network of people committed to positive change.

Go to www.eastwestcenter.org for more details