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SDD Heart & Mind Service “Students are at the heart of everything we do”

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11 March 2019 14:27:44

SDD Heart & Mind Service “Students are at the heart of everything we do”

On 8 March 2019 at 13.00 hrs. General Administration Section of Student Development Division held the fifth committee meeting on the Student Development Division to report the progressive operation of the Student Development Division according to its mission and the activity preparation in March. Assigned by Asst. Prof. Dr. Chananart Meenanan, Vice-President for Student Affairs, Asst. Prof. Siri-orn Champatong, Assistant to the President for Student Affairs was a chair of the meeting along with Mrs. Pornpis Praditpong, Director of SDD.

Taking into consideration the significance of this student sport manifestation, in promoting process of cooperation among students and in strengthening SDD and student relationship, SDD organizes the 30th Suan Sunandha Unity Sports Competition throughout March. The purposes are to promote active campus life through sports competition opportunities for all students and cooperation between different student groups. The game is a gathering of student championship in variety of different sports. The award presenting is scheduled. The winner will be invited to the medal presentation soon. “Keep one’s fingers crossed for the results !”

Trying to do a number of different things to solve the student service problem, such as, such as filling an educational loan fund form, a summary of the working problems were gathered in order to make a various media awareness like poster, clip VDO to promote “Building service work, Military waiver work, including the new fitness service that is being revamped to provide full services to students thoroughly in the near future. The chairman of the meeting also emphasized “Students are at the heart of everything we do”. The feedback is of the best ways to understand what we are doing well and where to improvements need to be made, QR code is promoting on campus .This service assessment is provided our work review.  SDD members work together to ensure our students easily find accurate, relevant info use and enjoyable. Finally, Director of SDD reassigned the workload then the amendments will be passed on.