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SDD Passed Quality Assurance Assessment!

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15 September 2019 13:47:58

SDD Passed Quality Assurance Assessment!

           (12 Oct 2018) Asst. Prof. Dr. Chananart Meenanan, Vice-President for Student Affairs along with Asst. Prof. Siri-Orn Champatong, Assistant to the President for Student Affairs and Mrs. Pornpris Praditpongv, Director of Student Development Division (SDD) attended the InternalQuality Assurance Assessment of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University for Academic Year 2017. To ensure that standards are maintained and that departments and their programmes fit in with the strategic plan of the university, SDD was assigned for 2 indicators; Indicator 1.4 Services for undergraduate (Process) and Indicator 1.5 Activities for undergraduate (Process), and the assessment result was passed all criteria items as 5.00 points. 

           Additionally, Mrs. Pornpris Praditpongv, Director of SDD along with Ms. Saowapa Chaiyaprueksathon, Quality Assurance Officer of SDD were interviewed and were supported  sharing practical recommendations on 1) alumni networking reflecting the university progress and cooperation and 2) student development activity reflecting SSRU vision, identity, uniqueness, royalness and social change 4.0.

Reported: Ms. Saowapa Chaiyaprueksathon

Translated: Ms. Atcharapun Daiporn

Proofed: Asst. Prof. Siri-Orn Champatong

Photo: Ms. Suwimol Thepphanom

Public Relations, Student Development Division