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SDDSSRU “Dhamma Talk on Five Precepts” Part2

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11 March 2019 11:55:55

SDDSSRU “Dhamma Talk on Five Precepts”

On 5 March 2019 Student Activities and Alumni Affairs of Student Development Division  along with Education for Peace Foundation, Phra Thammapitaka (Por Payutto) involved in organizing Morality and Ethical Promoting Project. The Dhamma Talk on Five Precepts was held at Worraraksananong Meeting Room, 3rd Floor, Health and Sport Center Building. Such activity, 60 SSRU students were encouraged to understand the major part of the Buddhist practices to become more self-discipline and to solve of one's daily problems. In the effort to distribute Buddha’s Dhamma to a wider audience, the Dhamma is truly of immeasurable benefit to our students’ own existence.