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Thai vs. British sweet baked up delicious!

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17 April 2019 11:06:17

Thai vs. British sweet baked up delicious!

    Along with a vast array of activities and opportunities to explore including cheerleading and Sport Game, Student Regulation Section of Student Development Division concluded our March 2019 with “Baking Class Series” as part of professional training activities and consulting (Mini Job Fair).  Scone, a small British quick bread and Bulan Dunmek (the moon floating through the cloud), the old Thai dessert of royal elite, were highlighted to tea time treat among our students. In addition to spending an enjoyable and memorable day baking with our professional pastry chefs who are SSRU alumni and staff from Office of Arts and Culture,  our attendees amazed and mastered these classical and contemporary skills and techniques and enjoyed the perfect accompaniment to the warming cup of tea thru this hands-on class.

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