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“ Rajabhat Action Coalition - Empowering Social Engineers”

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12 December 2022 19:18:49

General Dapong Rattanasuwan, Privy Councilor, presided over the opening of “ Rajabhat Action Coalition  - Empowering Social Engineers” the 15 th  Nationalwide Rajabhat University Student Union Meeting.  At this event, Assistant Professor Dr. Jedsarit Angsukanchanakul. Vice President for Student Affairs together with Mr. Sompong Inkanantasit, Head of Student Activities and Alumni Affairs Sub-division, staff and student leaders attend this event during November 9-11, 2022 at the main auditorium, Phetchaburi Rajabhat University. 

Students' Union of Rajabhat Universities cross-country established as a center for coordinating the operations of Rajabhat University student organizations under the promotion of democracy with the King as Head of State by cultivating responsibility, unity, and building a public spirit in service to society and the local community. This meeting is open to  exchange of knowledge, share experiences, as well as create a network of cooperation in doing various activities for the benefit of students, society and the nation in a creative way this meeting. In addition to building a network and unity of student leaders from Rajabhat Universities. For the current academic year, the confederation also organizes a contest for best practices on soft skill development by social engineer process. This is a special activity of Rajabhat Universities across the territory that uses spatial problems for students from different fields of different faculties to jointly solve problems with the faculty as the director of learning to encourage all students of Rajabhat Universities to have soft skills that entrepreneurs  and society needs such as thinking, analyzing, discriminating in order to solve multidimensional problems in real situations; accepting various opinions to find common ground in development knowledge communication to solve problems, coordination, working as a team Build cooperation with all sectors for the best benefits to the organization and creating innovation, using creativity to further develop effectively as well.